Making Emissions Trading work for citizens and the climate

The EU ETS plans to hand out free pollution permits worth about
between 2021 and 2030
What's life ETX?

Emissions Trading Extra (ETX) seeks to make the EU’s Emissions Trading System (EU ETS), one of the EU’s main tools for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, work for citizens and the climate.

Carried out by a consortium of ten environmental NGOs, the project aims to increase civil society’s awareness about the EU ETS and carbon pricing, provide scientific knowledge and develop carbon pricing policies.

Our demands
01 Make the polluter truly pay by phasing out free emission allowances
02 Reduce emissions fast enough to limit global warming to safer levels, under 1.5°C
03 Establish a robust, predictable and rising carbon price
04 Invest in climate-friendly alternatives, and spur further clean innovation
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Our partners
LifeETX is implemented by a consortium of 10 NGOs working at national and European level