3 MARCH 2022  •  10:00-11:30 CET  •  ONLINE

The revision and scaling up of the Emissions Trading System (ETS) to cover a broader array of sectors is a key element of the “Fit for 55” package. In particular, the proposal to establish a new ETS for buildings has sparked both interest and concern.

This second ETS Talks aims to shed light on the opportunities and challenges this extension represents, exploring not only how ETS revenues can be used to advance the renovation of buildings, but also how, if not carefully thought out, the ETS for buildings might fall short to delivering a socially fair and just climate transition.

This ETS TALK is part of a series of meetings (upon invitation) organised within the LIFE ETX project to share knowledge and best practices and discuss carbon pricing policymaking processes among a wide group of stakeholders.

10:00 – 10:05Introduction
Francisco Ferreira, ZERO
11.15-12.30The case for a new ETS for building
Thomas Nowak, European Heat Pump Association
10:25 – 10:45The role of ETS revenues in buildings’ renovation
Sorcha Edwards, Housing Europe
10:45 – 11:05Tackling energy poverty and the challenges of extending the ETS to buildings
Samuel Thomas, The Regulatory Assistance Project
11:05 – 11:25Q&A and Debate
11:25 – 11:35Concluding remarks
Sam Van den Plas, Carbon Market Watch
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