3 April 2023 | 10:00-11:30 CEST | ONLINE

This sixth ETS Talk will focus on the implementation challenges of ETS2, in particular the role of road transport and buildings in the policy mix for achieving climate neutrality in the EU.

It will also look at the example of Germany, comparing ETS2 with the German system of carbon trading for the non-ETS sectors.


– What are the main challenges for the ETS2 implementation?

– What is the role of road transport and building?

– How did Germany implement its carbon trading system for the non-ETS sectors?

– What lesson can we learn from the the German example?


Opening remarks
Francisco Ferreira, ZERO
ETS2 in the climate neutrality policy mix
Jakob Graichen, Oeko-Institut
Lessons from Germany 
Anne Gläser, Germanwatch
Q&A and discussion
Closing remarks
Sam Van den plas, Carbon Market Watch

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