Greece is using revenue from the EU’s Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) to embark on a ‘just transition’ in its coal regions. Our documentary highlights some of the initiatives in Western Macedonia, gauges the feelings of locals and assesses the effectiveness of youth engagement.

Due to its heavy dependence on lignite, the Western Macedonia region of Greece, including the cities of Kozani and Florina, has the highest unemployment and youth unemployment rates of all the EU’s coal regions.

In this context, the Association of Active Youths Florina (OENEF) is working to transform despair into hope and action. It aims to empower young people in Western Macedonia through educational, training and intercultural projects using ETS revenues. Young people benefit from these activities, allowing them to develop their soft skills and creativity.

Renewing and re-energising through clean energy

In addition, more than 1,000 pupils have already visited the Training Centre for Renewable Energy Sources, an ETS-funded project run by the Youth Association of Florina. This centre showcases how renewable energy and energy storage is the main alternative to the polluting power plants that are being shut down in Western Macedonia. 


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